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保险 for College Students

It’s back to school season! Do you have teens starting college for the first time? This is a new stage in life for you college student. While it may be fun for them, it can be stressful for you as a parent. To reduce some of the stress, plan ahead to make sure your child has the 保险 they need while they are pursuing their degree.

There are several different ways your college student can be covered. Talking to your 保险 agent can help you determine which type of 保险 will be best for you.

Coverage under 365bet买球owners 保险

They are covered as a percentage of the personal property limit on the parents’ homeowners 保险 policy. Many 保险 companies will count living on a college campus as a secondary residence. This may allow coverage for the student’s belongings. The coverage is based off of the percentage of the personal property limit on the parents’ home 保险 policy. Personal property includes items that can be taken off your homes premises. As an example: if you have $80,000 of personal property coverage, the college student can have 10% of that amount as property with them at school. Everything up to that amount would be covered; however, not all 保险 companies offer this and there are exceptions. Liability 保险 coverage may not be included. This would protect them for bodily injury or any damage they may cause to other students’ property.

Personal Property 保险

Coverage as part of the personal property policy limit on the parents’ homeowners policy. Some 保险 companies allow students to be covered by the broader personal property limit on the parents’ homeowners 保险 policy. What this means is that if you have $90,000 worth of personal property coverage, this would include your students’ property. This means that they don’t have a limit based on a percentage. So the student could have $20,000 of property covered. This type of 保险 policy could also include liability coverage as well. Not all 保险 companies offer this 保险.


Renters 保险

Since the student will often be at school for roughly 9 months each year, some 保险 providers require students to have renters 保险 in order to have coverage of their personal property. 很明显, there would be more cost in this option since the student would have to have their own policy, and can’t just use their parents’ 保险. However, Renters 保险 is generally cheap. Something else to keep in mind: generally, each roommate will need to have their own policy. You can’t just have a policy for everyone. Liability coverage is usually included in renters 保险.


If you are sending your teen to college this year, make sure they are protected. Since there will be many other students around them, a lot can happen to their property, such as theft and damages. Give us a call to see if your homeowners 保险 policy will cover your student.