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How to Insure your Garage

A large portion of the American population doesn't actually park their cars in the garage. 他们把车库用作储藏室. 这未必是件坏事,但它 does 意味着你可能会错过一些保险...

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In most states, if your home is paid for, you aren't required to have homeowners insurance. However, it is usually much more expensive to not have insurance, and here are 3 reasons why: Future Insurability Many...

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One of the most certain things in life is uncertainty. 你的狗可能会咬邻居的孩子. 十几岁的司机可能会撞到骑自行车的人. 客人可能会从楼梯上摔下来. A rainy morning commute on worn-out tires could...

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Insurance for Car Rentals

如果你在事故中犯了错, your insurance company pays for the damages to the other person's vehicle and bodily injury (if any). If you have collision coverage, the cost of repairs for your own vehicle...

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